*Elemis facial $99.00

This is a multi-beneficial facial. We do a deep cleanse, steamer decongestion, and exfoliation to remove the outermost layer of dead skin. We do a thorough analysis of individual skin type, tone, and texture. We take this time to get to know your skin and allows you share with us your specific routines. This way we can discuss what steps to take to see what needs improvement, as well as what you may be doing right!

Afterwards, we give you a luxurious chest, neck, and facial massage using special techniques to help stimulate facial muscles most often not used which can lead to atrophy. This is a good way to help lift and contour facial tissue as well as stimulate facial muscle tissue resulting in an instantly lifted look. Next, you receive a facial mask tailored specifically to your condition. We finish with a toner, eye and lip treatment, and facial toner, followed by a moisturizer catered to your individual need.

*PCA facial $129.00

This is a chemical peel alternative, by using a medical grade product, you receive a deep cleanse and exfoiliation. After extractions, and dependent on your specific skin type, you will receive one of our super potent facial masks, followed by a facial massage. We complete your treatment with a super lightweight serum, and a dry to the touch moisturizer. It is recommended to avoid any sun exposure before and after any medical grade facial for one week before and after the treatment.

*Microneedling $149

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, this minimally invasive treatment is proven effective in reducing lines, wrinkles, and improving tone and texture. This facial helps to restore lost volume that often makes the skin appear dull and sallow. This is excellent for all skin types as you rely on your own body's natural healing response to restore lost collagen as well as fibrous tissue that gives that youthful tight skin. Downtime for this treatment is 24 hours.

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Chemical Peel $149.00

This popular treatment chemically exfoliates the outer layers of skin, forcing off dull, lackluster skin. We begin the treatment with a gentle cleanse, and chemically remove any oils in the skin. We perform extractions as needed. Then, we prep the skin, apply a conditions based acid peel catered to your needs. This treatment is great in every 3 month intervals and are better when used in a series. Downtime for this treatment is approx. 5-7 days, depending on your skin type.

*Microdermabrasion $110

This facial using mechanical exfoliation is great for forcing off dead and daaged skincells and excess oils that clog pores and contriubute to excessive blackheads. We perform an anti-aging facial. You receive a deep clease, then using a diamond tip vacuum wand we physically remove the outermost layers of skin without being overly aggressive. We finish with a luxurious chest, neck, and facial massage followed by an anti inflammatory eye and facial treatment.